List of Dream Jobs for Bikers


If you’re thinking about a new career and love motorbikes, we’ve got some potential ideas for you to consider for your next job. These ideas are for young people starting a career and career-switchers alike!

Running Bike Tour Groups

If you have touring experience of riding through Europe and experience of leading or managing a group of riders, this could be the job for you.

Suitable for a charismatic rider who likes people, has a reliable touring-style motorcycle, is trained to IAM or RoSPA standards. Some knowledge of first aid is usually required for this job. Check out Guided Motorbike Tours for vacancies.

Motorbike Tester

Sometimes the rare job advert appears where you basically ride a motorbike for a living.
You can test motorbikes for a living by clocking miles on a bike, and part of your job is alerting the in-house mechanic when the bike needs servicing. Keep your eye out for vacancies.  

In-house Mechanic

This job involves carrying out fault diagnosis, servicing, and repair on motorbikes. You’ll be ensuring faults are accurately diagnosed, and then reported to meet standards for condition, safety, reliability and performance.

Photo by SplitShire

Motorbike Instructor

You’ll be passing on your skills by teaching new riders how to ride motorbikes and pass their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). Head to the government website for more details on becoming DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved.   

Professional Motorbike Assembler

This career means assembling complete motorcycles on the production line. You fasten motorcycle parts and components together such as frames, wheels and engines. You may use hand tools, power tools and automate your work with CNC machines or robots, plus reading technical plans.

Development Technician

You’ll be working for a manufacturer to maintain and service motorcycles, stripping and rebuilding prototypes, pre-production and production engines and chassis. You’ll also prepare and maintain bikes, engines and components for road, track and rig testing.

Work for Motorbike Manufacturer

Motorcycle manufacturers have head offices as well as production lines. There are many different types of jobs available working for these companies. Triumph is a well-known UK motorcycle manufacturer and you can browse their jobs.

Tattoo Artist for Bikers

If you’re artistically-inclined, you can become a tattoo artist for bikers. This is a job without a formal career pathway, and something you might move into organically after tenaciously seeking an apprenticeship or training. You also need a tattoo, piercing and electrolysis license before you can tattoo people.

Paint Mixer

This job involves completing paintwork for a motorbike restoration project, a facelift for a current bike, or a repair job. You’ll start out at the very bottom mixing paint, and work your way up.

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