How to Join a Biker Community Online or in Real Life


Hell’s Angels are the most famous example of a motorcycle club, but you don’t have to get on the wrong side of the law to be part of one. Shows like Sons of Anarchy may be entertaining to watch, but they don’t reflect the reality of joining the average biker community.

A hobby, passion or way of life really comes into its own when you find others to share it with. If you’re running a specialist machine like a motorcycle, it helps to have support from others with experience, knowledge and passion.
We’ll go into how you can find online or offline motorbike groups to feed your passion.

Photo by Abhijeet Somvanshi


The British Motorcyclists Federation

Check out the British Motorcyclists Federation to find local groups near you. It’s literally a directory of motorcycle clubs registered with the BMF around the British Isles, organised by region, and you can easily click on your location to find a nearby group.

You start your search online, but the groups are all in physical locations meeting either on a weekly or monthly basis. There is no significant barrier to joining any of the clubs but some do require registration and a membership fee (usually minimal).

Most provide their meeting times and locations upfront, but it’s best to check if the details are still up to date first – in case you turn up and no one else is there!

The Biker Guide also has a comprehensive list of clubs that you can search by keyword to find your local group.

Online Motorbike Forums


Maybe you don’t have time to go to a meet-up, or you don’t want to commit to a regular real-life meeting. Biker forums are your friend here.

Biker’s Hub is an active motorcycle forum where members can discuss topics like bikes, meetups, vlogging and getting your license. You can also share photos or projects, and sell your bike or parts to enthusiasts.

Bike Chat Forums is more of an in-depth forum focusing on technical and mechanical advice, racing, adventures and events. You can also sell your bike or parts and share photos, videos or projects.

The Motorbike Forum is a very similar site to Biker Chat Forums, where you can also discuss all-things bike related.

Reddit has a popular motorbike subreddit in which users talk about various motorcycle-related topics. There are quite a few threads selling gear, too.

Via Bike Chat Forums by Howling Terror

Final Remarks

Motorcycle gangs are more of an American phenomenon with a stereotype of long initiation rituals and the ethos of “member for life” (and the accuracy of this will differ from group to group). 

Try not to let this colour your idea of what biker groups can be in the UK. You probably should think of joining a biker group as becoming a member of a community that will make your life as a biker better. You might even be able to benefit from group discounts on motorbike insurance.

Get more out of your motorbiking activities by joining forces with other enthusiasts and finding out more useful things than you could ever hope to discover on your own. Get advice and make new friends, but most of all – make sure your passion never dies.

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