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Females at the wheel is something that, stereotypically, always ends in disaster. Throw in the traditionally violent and masculine connotations of biker gangs, and you’ve got a match made in hell. If you’re reading this and don’t see anything wrong with the previous assumptions, you’re unfortunately stuck in outdated mindset. To bring yourself back into 2018, let these ladies prove that there is a place for women in biker gangs.

Babes Ride Out – U.S.A & U.K

 Set up by female bikers, Anya Violet and Ashmore Ellis, in 2013, this all-girl ride-out has become quite the phenomenon in recent years. In their first year alone, 50 women showed up to ride, and each year their attendance has grown dramatically; they even expanded to the U.K in 2016. They pride themselves with assisting women to “find their space within [the biker] community and with each other.”(1)*

 Kesh Angels – Marrakech

This gang is not only led by and made up of entirely women, it’s also a statement against gender and racial bias. Hassan Hajjaj set up the group for an exhibition which would mix tradition and modernity. She explained “when westerners see a woman in a veil a lot of them think ‘do they really ride a bike?’… Marrakech’s motorcycle culture welcomes everyone and society does not look down on female riders.”(2)*

 “Journalists ask me if this is a real gang,” she notes, while explaining that the group is made up of independent women who are painters, writers, dancers, and mothers, who all like to get around on motorbikes.

VC London – U.K

This gang of British babes became popular thanks to their Instagram feed drawing more and more women into the lifestyle. “Setting up an Instagram was more of a way to document a few friends just having fun [with] our motorbikes”, says Gemma Harrison, who co-founded the group. “Then we came up with the idea of just putting a post out on our feed to say ‘if anyone fancies a go at riding, get in touch’, and then it opened a bit of a floodgate. We didn’t realise how many girls wanted to ride motorbikes but didn’t know how to start.” (3)*
The gang’s popularity led the founders, who have backgrounds in fashion design, to set up their own Moto-inspired label, VCC. Who says you can’t look fab and still ride circles around the boys?

What you should take away from this article: If they can do it, you can too.

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