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10 Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies in The UK

Most bike enthusiasts know how much their ride will cost to repair if it gets dent or is written off after an accident. If you can’t repair or replace it then you lose the exhilarating thrill of riding. To avoid this, insure the bike properly with the appropriate cover. The insurance quotes might appear high but what’s the bike worth to you?  

Let’s compare the 10 best rated bike insurance companies in the UK


  • Devitt Bike Insurance


They compare prices to find the most suitable and cheapest insurance quote. They cover sports bikes like Kawasaki Ninja H2R and offer addition care option including Legal cover, Personal accident cover with helmets and leather at a limit of £750 limit.  The customer care is efficient and reminds you when renewal is due. One customer said “Sleek onboarding, good info package and competitive pricing. Responsive and competent customer service when needed. Highly recommended.”


  • Carole Nash Insurance


Their major strength is understanding the bikers needs and offering a quotation that suits their pockets. An expensive bike doesn’t necessarily mean high premiums. Carole Nash advises customers about a reduction of insurance cost. They have a specific policy for classic, vintage bikes and scooters. The scooters are given a unique identity to aid police recover them in case of theft. The firm has a service centre for repairing bikes.


  • AA Bike Insurance


You save 8% if you choose to buy your bike policy online. Apart from comprehensive and third part theft and fire, you get protection for your no-claim bonus. Offering at least 60 days EU insurance cover. Extras include uninsured loss recovery, legal expense, personal accident cover and helmet and leather at a limit of £1,000.


  • Motorcycle Direct Insurance


Provide motorcycle insurance for all types of bikes. You can pimp you bike and not affect your premium. They’ll cover even your imported scooter including Chinese scooters. A cover for 90 days standard foreign trip. Compare the market and you’ll find Motorcycle Direct have specialist Young Riders Insurance. The customer service and 24/7 claims centres are reliable and customers agree.


  • Aviva Premier Bike


Promise to replace stolen or damaged bike if within 6 months of purchase. Offer standard EU cover for 90 days and allows you to upgrade your UK cover. In case of an accident, they’ll recover your bike and take it to an approved repairer. A limit of £250 for helmet and leather cover.


  • Bennetts Insurance


With 85 years of experience, Bennetts provides quotes to customers through their website, call-centre and third-party aggregators.  Offer insurance to over 230,000 bikers with 90 days EU cover and attractive rewards.  Classic motorbike insurance cover is excellent. Optional extras like legal expenses of up to £100,000 and personal accident cover.


  • Bemoto Insurance


Unique because it’s run by bikers who fully understand the diversity of the motorcycle market.  Offer special schemes for classic, modern bikes and their owners. Incredible quotes for multi bike, whether it’s a mate, family member, they’ll just add them to the policy. Bemoto’s real passion is sport bikes and you get best insurance not matter the engine size. Legal expenses up to £100,000 and a limit of £1,500 for helmet and leather cover.



  • MCE Motorcycle Insurance


Provides excellent benefits and affordable prices on their policies. Offering 183 days Europe cover and extensive modification allowance to suit every rider. Julius Edwards, MCE Group Chief Executive said; “The brain at MCE spend 6 months conducting research and developing modifications update. They spoke at length to our customer top ensure we are giving them what they love when insuring their bike”. They have a specialist motorcycles cover for custom bikes. Extra options include track day cover, personal injury and health and leather cover.  



  • Liverpool Victoria Insurance


Guarantees motorbike repairs for 5 years and £500 in case of accident. A new bike replacement if your bike, less than 6 months old, is stolen or damaged. 180 days for European cover and no limit on helmet and leather cover. They allow you to pay premiums in instalments. They cover all types of bikes and offer variety benefits.



  • Ageas Bike Insurance


Insures classic bikes to scooters and you can build the cover with add-ons. The cover includes heritage number plates, spare parts and accessories.  They refund cash if you repair the bike yourself after an accident.


How do you choose a cover for your motorcycle?

A good policy gives you cover at a cheaper cost and you can choose the third party only, third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

An excellent cover will include riding your bike abroad for a minimum of 30 days and other give you up to 180 days.  Most policies cover helmets and clothing at an extra charge.  Negotiate where necessary. Most companies like to retain their customer and will bend a little to accommodate you.

Choose your cover wisely and protect your motorbike.

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